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    We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with an SEO game plan to boost your leads and revenue.

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    World class PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management and campaign creation. Our experts have over 10 years experience with Google/Yahoo/Bing.

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    We happen to be partnered with an award winning social media management company. Contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a pro!

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We have been helping big brands and small businesses alike to dominate the search engines and drive more traffic, revenue and profits online since 2007

We only care about one thing, increasing our client’s revenue and profit. Internet traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert into a lead or sale for your business. Unlike most of our competition, we focus on creating a custom SEO or SEM strategy tailored to your business. Did you know that almost 90% of buyers search online before they purchase a product or service? Simply put, we put your business in front of those buyers. Build your websites authority & brand online and in return you will be rewarded with higher rankings and more high quality traffic. High quality traffic = BUYERS.

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Understanding your customers and what they need, will help you solve the problems that they are searching for someone to fix.

Our SEM team will create top-notch, optimized content and blogs for your website, while leveraging the power of social media to build your brand and authority online. A lot of SEO companies will try to sell you on the amount of clicks, impressions, reviews or whatever else they promise. We disagree. It’s not about the quantity of traffic, it’s about the quality. Anyone can flood a website with useless traffic. But what’s the point? If it doesn’t convert into leads or sales, it is 100% useless to your company. Our search marketing professionals only employ white-hat SEO techniques and are compliant with the Google webmaster guidelines.

snap revenue seo companyTo improve a websites position in a search engine, you have to know how search engines and their algorithms work. Search engines categorize web pages based on many different factors including keywords. Keywords help tell a “search spider” what this particular page is about. Once the spiders know what it is about they go back to Google and report what they found. A great SEM company will know how to make sure only the best most relevant web pages and content is reported back. It is important that your web pages have only high quality, relevant content and terms that align with the overall theme of your website. Here’s an example: You have a website about skydiving and your website is filled with information and products pertaining to skydiving.

If this is the case you should not have keywords, terms or even content about racing cars or some other extreme sport, that is not relevant to your website. Google loves relevancy. Most search engines use computer programs or “algorithms” called spiders or crawlers to search the web and analyze individual pages floating around the internet. These programs read web pages and index them according to the terms that show up often and in important sections of the web page. There is no way for a search spider to know your page is about skydiving and skydiving related products unless you use the right keywords in the right places along with many other more technical factors. A web page needs to be formatted and laid out a certain way.

Interested in PPC (Google Adwords)? Our experts can help drive clicks and leads to your business. We will design and build custom landing pages and lay out a proper strategy for your campaign to generate more leads and sales for your businesses quickly. PPC (Pay Per Click) is right for your business if you need leads NOW, TODAY!

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Case Study

  • Atlantic Energy

    Website traffic has increased to over 500% in just the first six weeks of working with Snap Revenue and are currently ranking page 1 for several targeted keywords!

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  • Bucks Contractors

    Bucks has starting converting it's website traffic into leads from 4% to over 30% using Snap Revenue and their conversion rate optimization techniques.

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  • Group Health Quotes

    Snap Revenue has increased lead volume five-fold since taking over management of the Group Health Quotes Adwords PPC campaign!

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Most SEO companies will try and sell you on rankings, high volume impressions, etc... We'll show you something different.

All we will do is break down in simple math how we can increase your revenue through better placement in the search engines. We are a small boutique agency and we only take on a certain amount of clients each year unlike our competitors.

A lot of business owners are simply misinformed about SEO. High volumes of traffic is great, but just high traffic alone will not generate sales. Unlike a lot of other SEO and digital marketing agencies we have only one focus…Increasing our client’s revenue and brand exposure online.
In the past, search engine optimization could often become successful simply by adding meta tags to the source code of a website and commenting on thousands of irrelevant blogs in the hope that you would get high pr links back to your website. That simply does not work anymore.

Our process and how we work

aboutSubHeadingBgAbout Snap Revenue

We're a small team of tech savvy computer geeks and creative marketers who are 100% focused on delivering only top ranking white-hat search results, while increasing and building our clients brand recognition online. We figure out what our clients businesses need and develop a custom marketing strategy to achieve their goals. Our marketing team has decades of combined experience in the internet marketing and web development field. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation about your project and project goals. Even if we don't end up working together we'd still love to hear about your project and maybe we can even help steer you in the right direction!

Client Testimonial

Rob goes the extra mile, whether it be providing content, answering questions or anything related to our campaigns. I recommend Snap Revenue to all of my business associates to handle their internet marketing projects.
Patrick LindenAtlantic Energy
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    Welcome Google Penguin & Panda

    You may or may not have heard of Google’s Penguin & Panda algorithm updates. But let us assure you, they are tougher than they sound! Penguin & Panda are 2 different Google algorithms that seek out spam and duplicate content filled websites (old school SEO optimized sites) and penalize them by lowering their rankings or sometimes even de-indexing them!

    How To Stay Safe: Do not buy links, earn them! Only acquire links from industry relevant websites and from authoritative domains. You MUST have top notch unique “share friendly” content. Snap Revenue practices only white-hat SEO techniques.

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    We do things differently…

    We understand that each of our clients have unique needs and also have their own business goals and identity, so with that in mind we will never offer a one-size-fits-all SEO startegy. It’s impossible for any SEO company regardless of what they promise, to offer any organic SEO results whatsoever without completing at least several client consultations, keyword research, a website audit and competitive landscaping. We take the time to go through these crucial steps so that we can find opportunities that exist within your niche and exploit them. Beware of SEO companies promising you top positioning in 30 days or millions of “impressions” instantly.  It’s simply not true. Real SEO takes time to build authority and trust with the search engines.

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